Rest In Peace Robbie Robertson.

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Jul 20, 2023Liked by John Dailey

Interested in your bug-out bag. Is this what you carry when you ruck?

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That's a great question. Because I have accumulated so many different packs, I have one that I use strictly for rucking for exercise. I only carries weight, water, and food (if it will be a long session.) I will add necessities for the environment (bug spray, sun block, rain jacket) as needed, and I carry my phone. Usually for a ruck I will never be more than 10 miles from my car.

In my car I carry what I call an adventure bag. Others may call it a bug out bag. It is packed to allow me to make the split second decision to head for the mountains for a weekend. I use an Osprey 32 liter pack and it holds enough food, water and sleeping gear allow me to launch a last minute adventure. I also keep a storage bin in my car that holds emergency items ranging form medical gear to vehicle battery jumper. I can pull from this to supplement either my rucking pack or my adventure pack.

The key with these is to periodically check up on anything with batteries or an expiration date. It would really suck to pull out a wildly expired meal, or headlamp with dead batteries.

Thanks for the question. I may have to write an article about this in the future!

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Jul 27, 2023Liked by John Dailey

That strategy sounds like a good plan. An article on preparedness would be a great addition!

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