Mar 16, 2023Liked by John Dailey

Another great week. I especially liked the reading recommendations, and reading of Worth's recognition made my week. I will share one thought I had, and it is not a critique, but something I ponder. Lead/Lag. I sometimes feel that the most leading indicator of a future x-ring shot, is someone who just put the last two in the x-ring. I once argued with a SOTF commander who posited that I was too focused on finding the person that emplaced the last IED, instead of focusing on who would lay the next IED. I thought the person who emplaced the last one was the most likely to set the next. I know this is somewhat pedantic, but it also has to do with creativity and emergence. (Topics you have posted about a bit lately). What worked yesterday both is the most likely to work tomorrow, and also presents vulnerability to strategic drift. I have no solution, just thought I would share that your post got me thinking.

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